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Book Review: “Sex, Sin, and Survival” with Caroline McGill’s Guns & Roses

Do you like to get nasty? No, I mean really nasty? If so, you are in for a treat with the latest anthology that Caroline McGill has put together. Calling on four of the hotter urban writers out there – Erick S. Gray, Justin Amen Floyd, Raheem Bounty Hoyte, and Miz –Guns & Roses compiles five short stories that just exude steamy, sexy, mysterious badassery.

You’ll be welcomed with open arms into the urban underbelly of drugs, violence, mystery, and – especially – sex. Lots and lots of sex. Whatever your sexual fantasies are, there’s a great chance you’ll end up seeing them in one or more of these stories. Explicit doesn’t begin to cover the raw, visceral images these five fantastic writers treat you to.

McGill’s “Happy Ending” takes you into the world of Rah, a Queens-based “agent” and his stable of models. They don’t seem to mind that he’s basically acting as their pimp and taking the vast majority of their earnings so long as he takes care of them. “PG-13” from Erick S. Gray has to win the award for most satirical title, considering the content, and shocks you with a killer ending. Speaking of endings, “Bedroom Beast” by Miz just keeps getting better and better, then leaves you wanting more. Raheem Hoyte’s “Club Fantasy” will have you rolling on the dance floor, laughing at the “fictional” celebrities he introduces. And what better way to close it all out than with a story called “Nasty.” Justin Floyd works your mind and your body with a mysterious and unpredictable little story.

Guns & Roses isn’t for everyone. Often the sex is so explicit that you feel like you’re part of the story, not just reading it, so you need to know going in that this is one hundred percent a work of erotic fiction. If that bothers you at all, stay clear. But if you’re looking for urban steam, you should definitely pick this one up.

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