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5 Urban Lit Titles for Mother's Day

Ah, Mother’s Day. A day for mom to relax. To be pampered. To have people cleaning up after her for once and letting her do what she wants.

If you’ve got a mom (or wife) who loves urban and street lit, this year you can surprise her with books that are right up her alley. All of these books either feature strong mothers as major characters or were written by female urban lit authors, so draw mom a warm bubble path, set these books by her side, and let her sink in to both and enjoy.

Deja King’s Bitch series. Precious Cummings, the protagonist of King’s long-running and very successful Bitch books didn’t start out a bad mother – she was just a bad girl willing to do what it took to get ahead. But over the course of the series, Precious got married, had a little girl – and managed to be badder than ever. You can buy Queen Bitch now.

Learning the Hard Way by Connie Wilson. Mom a sucker for coming of age angst? Connie Wilson’s novel features a teen mom learning to come to grips with her new situation – and dealing with the complication of an exciting new relationship. Right now we’re offering it for free !

Divas, Diamonds & Dollars, oh my. If mom is up for some bad girl fun, she might love these three short stories about women dipping their toes into the world of crime only to learn if they will sink or can swim. Written by three of today’s hottest female urban lit authors: Anya Nicole, Anna J, and Angel Mechelle. Buy it today
for $9.99!

Burning Bridges – The Sandra Davis Story. Sandra Davis is young, pregnant, and constantly being abused by her drug-dealing husband. Until a drug deal gone wrong changes their relationship, and Sandra can finally have her revenge. You can have Jerome Staten’s novel for just $5.99 .

Yushekia Mason’s A Bruised Heart. Three good friends, three very different love lives. The first, a woman who thinks her latest romance might be her last chance to find happiness – and forget the child she gave away. The second, trapped in a marriage where she has everything she’s ever wanted – except for love. And last, a minister’s daughter with twins who can’t live the Christian life she wants because of her successful drug dealer boyfriend. For just $4.99 , mom will be riveted.

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